Electronic Manufacturing Services

Electronic Manufacturing Services

We assembly THT, SMT and combined technologies

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We provide complex electronics supply according to your design at a  reasonable price and high quality.
Just order and we will solve the rest for you!

As part of a flexible manufacturing process, all products go through individual stages, in which individual production operations are recorded in ERP system by our production traceability system TerMan.

PCB mounting

  • We assembly printed circuit boards with SMT and THT technology.
  • We assembly THT components by hand and use selective soldering wave or full-tunnel soldering wave to solder them.
  • We assembly SMD components by JUKI machines.
  • Assembly of Printed Circuit Boards is carried out in accordance with the ESD suppression plan according to ČSN EN 61340. All components sensitive to electrostatic discharge (ESDS) are protected during the entire period of storage and handling.
  • We store moisture-sensitive SMD components in a drying cabinet X-TREME BASIC 2 - 1250 l.
  • Optical inspection of soldered PCBs is performed at 2 workplaces with optical inspection machines MEK FDAz520.
  • Optical inspection of soldered SMD components without terminals or components with hidden ball terminals is performed on X-ray Phoenix microme | x neo.
  • Optical inspection of correctly applied solder paste or glue in places for placement of SMD components with hidden ball terminals is performed on a Lynx Evo dynoscopic non-ocular stereomicroscope.
  • We perform PCB depanelization, encapsulation of electronics with a two-component compound.
  • We clean the PCB in a single-chamber spray dishwasher Super SWASH IIR+
  • We perform functional tests, programming, calibration.
  • We perform repairs at the PDR IP XT5P repair station for BGA/SMT elements, which uses infrared technology.
  • PCB protective varnishes are applied on a painting line equipped with a Nordson ASYMTEK SL-940E automatic machine and aNordson ASYMTEK Curano II IR curing oven.

We use the production capacity of three assembly lines