Inspections, repairs, assembly

We definitely do not leave the quality of the product to chance!

Optical inspection of soldered PCBs is performed at 2 workplaces with automatic optical inspection MEK FDAz520.

We perform repairs at the repair station PDR IP XT5P for BGA / SMT elements that use infrared technology.

We clean the PCB in a single-chamber spray washer Super SWASH IIR+

ExtraEye Verification Machine

ExtraEye Verification Machine

Equipment for the verification of the first piece in the batch.
ExtraEye is a simple scanner of PCB, which compares the scanned image of PCB with a golden PCB and with imported production documentation. ExtraEye accelerates first piece verification, make it more reliable and still has low maintenance.
The device excels especially very quick creation of program. Continuously creates its own database of components and the creation of the next program accelerates again. About every control carried out is created a detailed log with the result of the inspection, which includes the particulars of the specific PCB, which has been checked.