Electronic Manufacturing Services

Preparatory and auxiliary equipment

We pay close attention to everything that can affect the product quality.

Off-line SMT Workplace

Off-line SMT Workplace

Transforming customers input data into SMT machine compatible programs. This workplace creates the assembling program outside of the machine. Meanwhile, the assembly machine can worok on assembling different orders, thus reducing the downtime. One of the part of the device is off-line camera. This camera helps to create a components database outside of the machine, which also minimize downtime and reduces the product worktime. The whole package for creating programs consists of  the optimizer for of consecutive programs optimalization. Meaning, the optimiaztion is done on the whole bunch of consecutive work units. This software determines the optimal distribution of loaders. In the beginning of the process, all components are inserted into the machine and so all orders from the bunch are assembles in same time with utilization of only one piece of loader. This optimalization process eliminates the exchanges of the loaders between each work unit.

Střihačky TP/TC4 a TP/TC6

Trimmers TP/TC4
and TP/TC6

Tvarovací zařízení axiálních a radiálních součástek

The forming equipment for axial
or radial components

Ruční kotoučová dělička DPS

Portable circular
PCB divider

Cínovačka HAKKO FX-30

Tin – plating machine HAKKO FX-301

Compact digital soldering bath for leaded and lead-free soldering.



Magnifying device for optical control of PCB


Magnifying glass  CIRCUS LED