Technological SMT lines

We have two technological lines.

Speed of mounting SMD components per hour


Technological line SMT I

Line SMT I utilizes machine JUKI KE-2080 L and a JUKI KE-1080L, which replaced machines TOPAZ. Line excels in its accuracy and reliability with the performance of 30 800 components per hour.

Technological line SMT II

Line II utilizes machine JUKI KE-2070L a JUKI KE-3020VAL, whose parameters significantly expand the capabilities for shouldering of SMD components, both in terms of their range, and mounting capacity. The overall capacity of the mounting line is 39 200 components per hour.

Stencil Printer GKG JUKI GL Plus

Stencil Printer GKG JUKI GL Plus

A fully automatic stencil printer for glue and paste PCB printing with high accuracy and repeatability.
We purchased these modern stencil printers for both of our assembly lines in order to replace our obsolete and unreliable machines.