Electronic Manufacturing Services

Technological SMT lines

Speed of mounting SMD components per hour


Machine equipment of technological lines SMT I, SMT II and SMT III

SMT line I
with the JUKI KE-2070L and JUKI KE-2080L automatic machines, it stands out above all for its accuracy and reliability of assembly with an output of 35,000 parts per hour.

SMT line II
with JUKI RS-1R and JUKI KE-3020VAL machines, which with their parameters significantly expand the possibilities for mounting SMD components, both in terms of their range and performance. The total output of the assembly line is therefore 51,900 parts per hour.

SMT line III
with the JUKI KE-1080 automatic machine, is intended for small-volume orders in order to lighten and streamline the operation of the two main technological lines SMT I and SMT II. The total output of the assembly line is 14,100 parts per hour.