Initiation and Final Inspection

All products must go through their final inspection and operational control where the initiation of product starts. Firmware is uploaded, set up and tested by our workers.

Performed tests and their results, including testing protocols, are stored in our Information System to keep the traceability running until last steps of the product manufacturing process.

Quality is the core of an electronics manufacturing company so quality control has been covered during all stages of electronics manufacturing process. Quality checks during completion of each phase has to go over rigorous inspections and once defects are observed, rework or modification will be immediately implemented. For after-process quality control, it depends on advanced inspection equipment, such as Optical inspection so that hidden defects can be exposed prior to packaging and delivery.

Our Quality Assurance Technicians have the experience necessary to maximize inspection throughout the SMT Assembly Process.  After each major step in the Assembly Process each PCB is inspected thoroughly.

Manufacturing is not complete until all products have been fully tested according to exact specifications. Our team is also able to produce a unique testing procedure if one has not been created and conduct all testing services required.
In TOROLA we have number of test & inspection tools available to ensure delivery of working assemblies to our customers. We work with and on behalf of our customers to develop the perfect testing procedures for their product. The choice of tools depends on the type of assembly and test access points that are designed into the product. Test tools cover a wide range of test options. From optical testing, 3D paste inspection (SPI) and automatic optical inspection (AOI), through functional checks and in-circuit tests to customer-specific optical inspections and stress tests. A high spectrum of tests is required to guarantee that customers are supplied with high-quality, functional products.

We are able to perform such testing with the help of our individual test stations or with our fully automated systems according to the requirements, needs and production volumes specified by our customers.

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