Machine Soldering

The mounted printed circuit boards are soldered at soldering waves, allowing both leaded and unleaded soldering technologies.

According to the customer’s technical specifications, we choose from a surface wave soldering, or selective wave soldering so that the soldering process is reliable, efficient and environment-friendly. An integral part of this process technology is a nitrogen generator ensuring a formation of a nitrogen atmosphere when soldering, thus increasing the quality of a soldered circuit.

We utilize POWERFLOW N2 - Full-Tunnel Wave Soldering System. The Ersa POWERFLOW N2 is a full-tunnel nitrogen wave soldering system developed specifically to master the challenges of lead-free production. With its intelligent controls, the motor-driven fluxer is able to selectively flux specific portions of the printed circuit board. The modular, individually configurable preheat concept ensures a high rate of heat transfer. A multitude of wave formers guarantee excellent solder result regardless of the application. The robust tunnel design and the stable, welded frame underline the durability and the ease of access to the system for service.

The VERSAFLOW 3/45 is the selective soldering machine with dual track transport. Depending on the application and on the throughput requirements called for, additional flux, preheat and solder modules can be integrated into the system. In the maximum configuration level of the VERSAFLOW, the system can therefore operate with up to three solder modules, and each of these modules can again be configured with two mini-wave solder baths. In total, up to 6 mini-wave solder bath can be installed in a system, and each solder module can be preceded by a preheat unit.

For PB Soldering solution we utilize Soldering Wave KIRSTEN JET .The soldering wave KIRSTEN is using the system of the hollow wave. The patented electromagnetic pump works without any moving units inside. The fluid solder is accelerating by the electromagnetic area. The wave does not need the nitrogen atmosphere.


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