Optical Inspection

As a primary testing technique, AOI applies to fast and accurate inspection of errors occurring in Assembly Process so that high quality of PCB assemblies can be ensured with no defects.

Depending on visual methods, AOI test can be applied to detect a lot of surface defects including scratches, nodules, stains, opens, shorts, insufficient or excessive solder, incorrect components, missing components, incorrect polarity of components etc.
Multiple inspection objects
AOI test works perfectly for both bare PCBs and PCBAs. For PCB inspection, defects are checked such as shorts, opens and insufficient solder. For PCBA inspection, issues are inspected including component soldering, polarity and values.
Automated Optical Inspection can be arranged in any stage of manufacturing line in accordance customers' needs. The flexibility attribute of AOI test leads to reduction of cost since it is an in-process test and as soon as issues are discovered, manufacturing or assembly parameters can be instantly modified so that later products will be correctly produced. As a result, more products won't be rejected during functional test or final inspection.
Low cost, Accuracy and Reliability

For AOI we utilize equipment MEK FDAz520.

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