Assembling SMD Components

For the PCB assembling process we utilize two SMT mounting lines. The PCB assembly consists of 4 main processes.

Every component undergoes thorough inspection in our Offline Work-place. Part numbers, tolerance, values, quantities and all other variables are checked against the Material Checklist, documentation provided by supplier and our own internal part database to ensure full compliance and conformity to all specifications required.  After all parts have been received and verified package programming begins to ensure proper placement on the PCB.

After all components have been programmed, solder paste is applied to each board on the Stencil Printer GKG JUKI GL PLUS, the first unit in our SMT line. It’s engineered for continuous high value printing of a flawless product. A two ways automatic dry/wet/vacuum stencil wiper allows user to select any combination of cleaning mode. Flexible Automatic Clamping System is uniquely designed by GKG and it combines retractable top clamp and motor controlled side clamp. A LED light source providing illumination from the top utilizes a camera to detect any clogged stencil and ensure the accuracy of the print head and shuttle assembly.

Components are placed on the printed circuit board via the Pick and Place Machine. TOROLA utilizes two High-Speed Flexible Mounters – JUKI KE2080L and KE2070L. The ultra-flexible KE-2080 can place a wide range of components from 0402 (01005) and ICs, to odd-form. The new LNC60 laser head is capable of picking and centering 6 components simultaneously. The LNC60 sensor has the unique ability to center components from 0402 (01005) to 33.5mm square parts. From ultra-small, ultra-thin, chip-shaped parts to small QFP, CSP, BGA, a wide range of parts can be mounted by the laser recognition system at high-speed and with high-accuracy.

At the end of our SMT line is Heller Industries’ reflow oven HELLER 1707 EXL.
The 1707 EXL supports high mix / medium volume throughput… at speeds up to 24 inches (60 centimeters) per minute, while conserving valuable factory floor space. Rapid response times and precise temperature controls assure process uniformity, regardless of component density or board loading, with identical profile performance in either air or nitrogen. The Model 1707 EXL combines sophisticated design elements with the engineering expertise and reflow technology leadership from Heller Industries. The most efficient heat transfer from extra high volume, high-velocity, heating modules, producing heater module response of less than one second to temperature changes of less than 0.1°C, thereby maintaining profile integrity for heavy board loads.

Both our SMT Assembly lines are fully computerized. Each piece of equipment is characterized by extreme accuracy, high throughput and maximum control.

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