Selective Soldering Wave

Selective soldering wave Ersa Versaflow 3/45 with nitrogen generator Maxigas 104.

Versaflow 3/45

is a selective soldering wave, that replaced conventional soldering of components in our company. The aim of this purchase is to increase the quality of the soldered joints, increase reproducibility of the process, shorten the soldering time and cost savings in production.

For selected production we may replaced classical soldering wave by this selective soldering wave. In this case, the obvious additional advantages is selective fluxing and related environmental and economical savings. Additionally during production process, the surface of PCB is not thermally burdened, only in areas of the soldered joints. The machine consists of three modules - fluxing, preheating and soldering.

Machine configuration with two solder pots allows to use leaded and unleaded solder. Fluxing module is provided with two containers for usage of different fluxes. In the pre-heating module it is possible to use three detachable preheating zones according to the length of PCB. Versaflow 3/45 can process PCBs from 60 to 410 mm in width. A respective soldering program is designed for every product where all required parameters´are reflected.

Maxigas 104

is a nitrogen generator which separates the nitrogen in the required quality from compressed air. This nitrogen is supplied to selective soldering wave Versaflow 3/45.

Selective soldering wave and nitrogen generator are integrated which offers new technological opportunities for our customers.  Our manufacturing sservices are now modernized, we have increased the competitiveness and movde our company forward.

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