Varnishing Line

Fully automatic system Nordson ASYMTEK SL-940E for selective spraying of protective varnishes.

At the beginning of May 2020, we installed a new conformal coating line which has become a additional source for "Machine-controlled PCB varnishing" operation. The line is more accurate in varnish application, providing faster and better curing and, above all, it provides possibility of using more than one type of varnish.

Selective conformal coating systems is equipped with three different applicators that can be used for different types of varnish, opening the possibility for different types of curing.

IR-Convection Oven Nordson ASYMTEK Curano II is equipped with IR panels and the special heat dispersing plate provides optimal heat transfer by convection.

E-flex SMT microsystems conveyors
The line is complemented by e-flex SMT microsystems conveyors. The conveyor between conformal coating system and IR-Convection Oven is covered and equipped with suction for operator comfort. In addition, the conveyor has built-in UV lighting for better final inspection of coating.
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