Soldering machines and equipment

We have two soldering waves.

According to the technical specifications of the order, we choose between a Full-tunnel soldering wave and a selective soldering wave so that the soldering process is reliable, efficient and environmentally friendly.

We solder mounted printed circuit boards on soldering waves, enabling both leaded and lead-free soldering technology.

Full-tunnel Soldering Wave Ersa Powerflow e N2

Full-tunnel Soldering Wave Ersa Powerflow e N2

The lead-free soldering wave "ERSA Powerflow e N2" with a nitrogen atmosphere. This device operates with a lead-free solder alloy and utilizes a nitrogen atmosphere, which eliminates the formation of oxides on the surface of solder and has a positive effect on the quality of the soldered connections. Additional positive aspect of the new machine is greater throughput of products and also a significant decreasing of negative effects on the environment. We produce the nitrogen atmosphere ourselves by the nitrogen generator, with a new individual screw compressor.